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A combination of the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda and 21st-century biotechnology. A dream that has today become a global reality. We are synonymous with serious skin and hair care developed from Ayurveda, the principal medical tradition in India for over 5000 years. Longer than long ago, health and beauty were fleeting. The average adult life expectancy was 30 years old, as nature took its toll. Then, 5000 years ago, Aryan sages in India searched within the vast resources of nature to extend this ephemeral existence.


Biotique products are based on the authentic Ayurveda recipes, taken from the ancient and original Veda texts, passed down from generation to generation, to our Founder Vinita Jain.

Before the pyramids were built, these ancient Sages created Ayurveda. It is the science of life; the Sanskrit words 'Ayur' means 'life' and 'veda' means science or knowledge. Ayurveda is the time-tested, natural medicinal system that treats the total individual, promoting prevention as well as cure, for a healthy mind, body, spirit and senses. And only Biotique Founder, Vinita Jain, possesses the true Ayurveda recipes for natural healing & rejuvenation.

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Range selection 

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Bringing together all the benefits of Ayurveda combined with the scents of Jasmine and Saffron, the 'BIOTIQUE ROYAL' range is a fusion of well-being and care, dressed in sleek and sophisticated design.


Introducing a brand-new genre of ceramic dispensers, the 'BIOTIQUE ROYAL' collection will gracefully enhance your bathroom while providing an exceptional experience to all your guests.

Brand features

Why Choosing BIOTIQUE 

Combining the ancient expertise of Ayurveda with a meticulous and clean design inspired by natural elegance, BIOTIQUE delivers a promise of an absolute and unique care experience for all your guests. The scents of Jasmine and Saffron that accompany the entire care ceremony will take them on an exotic journey whose sole destination is well-being. 

For all skins. 

Fragrance : Jasmine, Saffron

A unic blend of rich and revitalizing fragrance for an unforgettable therapeutic journey to India.


All our product ranges include the 'Dispensers' system, which consists of reusable containers, enabling a more eco-friendly approach with the reduction of plastic waste, a more cost-effective solution, a decrease in the risk of product contamination, and many other benefits !

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Dispenser system

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