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For over 20 years, Asma El Mernissi has focused and been passionate about the wellnes business.
In this industry, there is a great place for dreaming and creating… but a perfect knowledge of the profession is a mandatory basis. And so today, it is very naturally that she invites you to discover her concept spa, her home…

An invitation to push the gates to “Maison d'Asa” where a journey into the heart of an ancient civilization specializing in the well being of the body and the mind awaits you behind each gate.
Escape then to the destination of your choosing and discover Morocco’s traditional cares, or travel further to Asia not forgetting your passeport to Bali. Each ceremony is pure sensory experience…The products praise the countries and pay tribute to these destinations. They are natural and organic, blended together for efficiency and welfare.

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Top Range 

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Brand features


Dispensers - 380ml

Bottles 50 - 150 ml

Tubes - 40ml

Body soap - 40g

380ml Solid Matte Bottles with Fluid Indicator Windows
Solid Glossy Pump Caps & Matte Brackets
Gold Hot Stamp on Transparent Sticker

50ml & 105ml Semi-Transparent Glossy Bottles
Solid Glossy Gold Chrome Flip Caps
Gold Hot Stamp on Transparent Sticker

40ml Solid Matte Tubes
Solid Glossy Gold Chrome Screw Caps
Gold Hot Stamp

42g Rectangle Debossed Soap
Matte Paper Box
1 Color Print with Gold Hot Stamp

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Why Choosing Maison d'Asa 

Maison d'Asa offers a range of therapeutic skincare products that combine the benefits of argan extracts and delightful fragrances for an exceptional sensory journey. Each product in the lineup provides a deep cleanse while delivering the hydration and expertise of a spa directly into your guests' bathroom. Perfect for hotels with bold and aesthetically pleasing designs, whether they exude luxury or simplicity, Maison d'Asa embodies the promise of sophisticated elegance.


The amenity range is completely versatile, unisex, and available in two fragrances: orange blossom and green tea.

Fragrances :

The orange blossom offers your guests a revitalizing, sweet, and tangy treatment while leaving a subtle reminder of Mediterranean flavors. The green tea, on the other hand, represents a rejuvenating and soothing experience with gentle fragrances, a signature of Maison d'Asa.

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