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Do you want to provide to your guests the best product experience while remaining environmentally responsible? Baya Baya is the best choice for you.

With Baya Baya, you make lasting impact without compromising on quality and experience. 

Upgrade your bathroom with our refillable aluminum bottle and put the disposable plastic bottle out of business for good. 

Completely vegan and carry the Zero Plastic Inside label, Baya Baya is 100% microplastic free.


Baya Baya stands for sustainable change in the bathroom and combats three problems :


  • Nationwide, we wash through millions of disposable plastic bottles every year, making the plastic waste mountain grow significantly.


  • Body washes often consist of as much as 90% water, and this water is always transported along. This unnecessary transportation of water is not only a waste, but also causes extra C02 emissions. And that while the same water just comes out of the tap at your home.


  • Current shampoos and body washes are often full of microplastics and other harmful ingredients. These easily end up in nature via the shower water that is washed away, which of course makes no one happy.

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With Baya Baya's soluble powders, you can make a sophisticated body wash in minutes by mixing it with water from the tap at home. The body wash is then immediately ready for use : So that's mixing it once, and then enjoying it for weeks !


The bottle can then be refilled endlessly with new sachets, together putting the disposable plastic bottle out of business. The powders we offer deliver around 300ml of showergel/shampoo, which is in line with most traditional shampoos and showergels.

Fragrances : White Tea & Sweet lemon

A blend with the delightful and gentle scents of white tea, with a few hints of citrus for a pleasantly fragrant glow on the skin after care.

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Make a real difference


30g sachets = 300ml of product

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