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Two such brands, Eco Pod and Baya Baya, have embraced a plastic-free ethos by introducing systems enabling guests to engage in skincare routines using natural products in entirely renewable and recyclable formats.

Eco Pod offers a zero-waste routine with an original design and natural benefits. Starting with washing powder composed of natural compounds and scents, all integrated into compostable pods, it ensures an eco-friendly skincare regimen.

Baya Baya innovates by significantly reducing water usage through a reusable, refillable, and recyclable dispenser. This is particularly impactful considering that most shower gels and shampoos consist of only 80% water and 20% cleaning agents.

By utilizing Baya Baya products, we not only save water at the production level but also reduce transportation costs, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.
Eco Pod and Baya Baya symbolize significant strides towards a plastic-free future, aligning closely with our sustainability commitments
Considering an eco-friendly approach isn't just about working towards more responsible waste management, it starts with structural technology and design.
For adm360, a sustainable approach is crucial in striving to make our industry one of the most sustainable. In pursuit of a future where hospitality eliminates plastic usage, we partner with and offer brands that exemplify the highest standards of sustainable innovation.
Eco Pod & Baya Baya amenities


We're committed to providing you with innovative brands like ScentAir that elevate your customer experience through advanced scent technology.

Nowadays, the idea of "Marketing Scent" is pivotal for modern hotels. It surpasses traditional marketing by engaging guests' sense of smell, crafting distinctive and unforgettable experiences.

The strategic use of specific scents can evoke emotions, trigger nostalgia, and enhance brand recognition, making it a powerful tool in establishing a lasting connection with your guests and setting your hotel apart in a high competitive industry.

Our hospitality hub

The ‘adm360 Hospitality Hub’ ecosystem consists of integrated modules serving as the main interfaces for our clients, internal teams, and supply partners.

Our Hospitality Hub optimizes purchasing, order tracking, and real-time delivery processes through our own webshop/marketplace interface.

This allows us to streamline, secure, and automate processes while providing key information to each of our clients.



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adm360 is proud to partner with the Seaqual Initiative in the effort to collect plastic pollution from our oceans in over 60 countries. Through an alliance of fishermen, businesses, and production facilities, SEAQUAL has the capability to transform tons of collected plastic into a production-scale usable and innovative material : the SEAQUAL MARINE PLASTIC.

Thanks to this initiative, the transformed plastic is used to create innovative product lines in collaboration with environmentally-conscious brands dedicated to preserving the ocean ecosystem.


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