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Wilan Van Den Berg

adm360 Degree Hospitality's CEO


Great projects exist because there are great ambitions; adm360 is the project of turning every hospitality into an exceptional experience, providing the finest means for every guest to remember it for as long as possible.

Our story

Our story begins with the ambition of our founder, Wilan Van Den Berg, to make every element of hospitality exceptional. 360-degree Hospitality was born to revive the industry post-COVID, and support clients in their procurement of guest amenities, from production to delivery.

Earning the trust of the adm Group, a global marketing execution partner to some of the world's most iconic brands, 360 becomes adm360, which, through this collaboration, now supports hospitality industry players more than ever before.

Comprising a team of 20 passionate professionals, adm360 degree hospitality covers the three essential links in the process, from precise sourcing based on rigorous business and marketing analysis to the personalized production of each product, all the way to delivery in the shortest possible timeframes. The company works tirelessly to enable everyone to experience true hospitality.

Certainly, 360-degree, now adm360, would be nothing without the steadfast support of its earliest partners, from Paramount to Wyndham Hotels, as well as exceptional brands like Maison d'Asa, Brandstand, 1888 Mills, and BIOTIQUE. Each partner plays a significant role in this grand project, and it's through the trust that binds us all that we work together for the love of hospitality and travel. But adm360 is also a commitment to a balanced approach to cutting-edge technologies, the judicious and necessary use of innovations to build sustainable products and projects for our longevity as humans and, most importantly, for the sustainability of our planet.

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Our team

United by the world of hospitality and the hotel industry, the adm360 team brings together determined, creative, and meticulous figures from the fields of logistics, commerce, cutting-edge technology, marketing, and communication. Spread across the four corners of the globe, the 360 team provide personalized, human, and local support for each of our clients


Wilan van den Berg_back.webp

Wilan van den Berg

CEO & Founder

queen tanja.png

Tanja Janitschek

Key Account Director


Pierre-Marie Federici

Marketing & Com. Executive


Damien Potherat

Sales & Marketing Director

Calvin Willis_back.webp

Calvin Willis

Logistics Director


Daniela Cipolletti

Key Account Manager Italy

Middle East


Sameer Kadam

Regional Director South Asia, ME & Africa


Ann Charly

Logistics and Customer Service Manager


Gibbin Skaria George 

Customer Service Executive 


Hanna Makui

Business Development Manager ME


Muhammad Abu Sufyan

Account Operations Executive MEA


Junipe Ponce

Customer Service Executive 


(including India)


Enes Can Celikov

Regional Director Asia-Pacific

isabel circle.png

Isabel Wang

Key Account Manager China


Smita Ranjan

Key Account Manager India 


Kathleen Lau

Senior Merchandiser


Jane Zhang

Customer Service APAC


Bharat Vats

Customer Support Manager India

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