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Stop planet destruction now while enjoying all the benefits of a routine with exceptional natural virtues and benefits, thanks to GOOD TO DECLARE by Papoutsanis. Rooted in the world of its parent brand, GOOD TO DECLARE meets the highest standards in cosmetology with a formula rich in prebiotics and natural mango extract, designed to accompany every traveler on a sensory, revitalizing, and delightful journey.


GOOD TO DECLARE cosmetics line have obtained 
the organic certification ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL, that guarantees:


  • formulas with more than 92% of ingredients of natural origin and natural preservatives

  • absence of petrochemical ingredients (parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes, synthetic colorants and GMO)

  • environmentally friendly production, respecting also human health

  • responsible use of natural resources

  • respect of biodiversity

  • eco-friendly, recycled packaging.

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Papoutsanis Company is a Greek Manufacturing Company with 150 years of experience in the personal care industry owning one of the largest Production Units in the Southeastern Europe with vertically integrated automated production systems.

Major player in the hotel industry in Greece, supplying the finest hotels on the continent, Papoutsanis has quickly distinguished itself with its high-quality products, which offer benefits akin to traditional remedies and use the noblest raw materials.


This is particularly supported by the use of advanced green technologies, aimed at creating formulations that are increasingly eco-friendly and respectful of all skin types.


Papoutsanis amenities products for hotels are certified by Ecocert, one of the most demanding certifications in the field of personal care and green cosmetics.

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The GOOD TO DECLARE routine is available in 40ml Tubes format
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A brand with committed roots, offering the cleanest and most natural composition possible (92% ingredients of natural origin) and entirely vegan. GOOD TO DECLARE combines traditional, indulgent care with the cutting edge of cosmetology. With its contemporary design and artistic flair, delight your guests with an original routine featuring sweet and savory scents and a deliciously committed aesthetic.

Scent : Mango, Orange, Cedarwood

Floating Magnet Dispensers
(also available with invisible fixation system)
Bar Soap 40g
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