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In 1932, Revlon was founded with the mission to create a more liberated beauty—one that embodied action, independence, inspiration, and purpose. A beauty that would shine a light on the power of each individual, celebrating that uniqueness with pure joy.

For nearly a century, Revlon has used these corporate values to create a world where everyone can continue to live their truth as they see fit, celebrating beauty in every form. With ever more versatile and specialized product lines adapted to every hair type and skin tone, Revlon's mission remains and will continue to be to celebrate beauty worldwide.

The company aims to provide the highest quality products to help all women and men express who they are and what they wish to convey.

Revlon's work is twofold: to offer professional-quality products that enhance everyone's daily routine and to commit to diversity and equity, combined with an increasingly responsible perspective. Their product lines set new standards with their universality and durability.

Beyond beauty, Revlon celebrates philanthropy and a fairer approach to beauty for all.

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354ml Dovelok Dispensers
40ml Mini bottles with 21 and 40g solid soap bar
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Why Choosing Revlon 

Bring the richness of the complete Revlon professional experience directly to your guests' bathrooms with a vibrant and sweet care routine that precisely adapts to all hair types and respects even the most sensitive skin. Its sleek design guarantees versatility and refinement, effortlessly blending into and enhancing your unique environment.

Top notes : Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit

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