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Dry amenities play a pivotal role in meeting the expectations of your hotel bathroom. Each guest values the convenience of not having to pack all their grooming essentials for their vacation and expects to find these necessities (and more) readily available in their hotel room.

The 360 team has meticulously curated a selection of dry amenities, ranging from toothbrushes to sewing kits, as well as sponges, loofahs, cotton pads, shaving kits, and much more. Ensure that all your guests can travel light by providing them with the essential amenities they need.

Our selection of dry amenities, spanning from affordable to luxurious options, all adhere to the principles of eco-responsibility. They are crafted using the finest renewable materials, ensuring sustainability throughout production.
All our packaging, as well as the materials in our kits, are entirely eco-friendly and align with our commitment to strive for a healthier hospitality that minimizes plastic use. By choosing them, you are also choosing a future with less plastic and pollution.

All our ranges are versatile and include all the expected essentials in your hotel bathroom. In each range, you will find :


  • A toothbrush and toothpaste kit (tube or tablets),

  • A shaving kit with shaving foam,

  • A sewing kit,

  • A natural loofah,

  • An eco-friendly material comb,

  • 100% eco-friendly cotton pads and cotton swabs,

  • A pumice stone,

  • A shoe polishing glove,

  • A solid soap,

  • Bath salts,

  • A laundry bag.

The design and packaging of our products have been thoughtfully crafted on a production scale to meet a wide range of demands and needs.

With its versatile design and neutral, natural colors, the adm360 dry amenities range will meet your guests' expectations while seamlessly blending with the ambiance and identity of your hotel.


Eco-paper, also known as ricepaper (called “Xuan” paper in Chinese) is not made of rice. It may be made from either Mulberry tree or Bamboo, as both aresustainable with  Mulberry and Qintan treebarkabletoregenerate and Bamboo a sustainable/renewable source.
- Soft yet substantial to the touch 
- Translucency
- Beautifully uniformed texture and colour 
- Never powdery or flimsy Sustainable/renewable source
- Long product life
- Not machine-pressed but hand-made



Kraft paper, is made from softwood pulp and used as the raw material.
At 250gsm it is strong and durable. It can withstand great pressure and tension without rupture and is  used in a wide range of packaging.
Recycled paper
- Cost Effective
- Eco pure membrane
- Tough, durable paper
- It uses relatively little energy Softwood pulp


Stone paper (also know as Rock paper) is an innovative material. Stone paper is made from a high proportion stone powder with low proportion non-toxic resin which looks  similar to normal paper.
Environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative to paper and plastics.
- Tough/durable
- Water and tear resistant Flame retardent Perforated Opening
- Uses relatively little energy
- No drinking water used in manufacturing process It has a low CO2 emission profile
- No trees used in production of stone paper Velvet texture creates luxury feel
- Exposure    to permanent    sunlight begins decomposition process


Paper Range
Non-woven paper is composed of plant fiber with small amount of chemical fiber. Soft and gentle, this fibrous and airy material allows for flexible, moldable, and decidedly versatile designs.

- Waterproof

- Recyclable

- Breathable with bacteria proofing

- Easy to decompose

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