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In Japan, during tea house ceremonies,  a piece of cloth was soaked in  hot  water and offered to travelers who  stopped to rest. This piece of cloth was  called an Oshibori.

Preserved over the centuries in  Asia,  the Oshibori is still the most popular  gesture of welcome today. To simplify this welcoming gesture, the  proposed clothing has become a simple  wet cotton towel.

The story tells that the practice of Oshibori comes  from  an ancestral tradition : Families will offer  to their guests wet clothes to cool them from  Japanese heat. To simplify this gesture of welcome, the proposed  clothing became a simple wet cotton towel. Offered nowadays on much less qualitative  materials, Oshibori Concept decided to give  Oshibori back its nobleness and make it a normed  and a referenced cosmetic product.

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Unlike most cosmetic products, Oshibori Concept respects all skin natures.
This is how our Oshibori provide a well-being sensation.
Moreover, the waterproofing of the customizable packaging from Oshibori Concept towels, guarantee humidification for 24 months.

Tested under dermatological control. Evaluation of cutaneous and ocular safety.


Oshibori can be enjoyed either hot, cold or simply at room temperature.
Indeed,  our  towels  can  be  heated  in  their packaging for a few seconds in the microwave, hot cabi, oven or placed in the fridge a few hours before use.


Oshibori will welcome your guests in any situation. Available in individual formats of 6, 10, or 15g, or within exclusive sets. The range is entirely customizable, from packaging to fragrance, allowing it to align with your brand identity and cater to the preferences of your guests.

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"Tuileries" Set 

"Vendome" Box

In order to better adapt the Oshibori to the world of  tomorrow, Oshibori Concept uses woven cotton exclusively.

Concerned about the respect of our planet, the brand produce in a responsible and sustainable way.

Thus the Oshibori, unavoidable product, is made of natural fiber : 100% biodegradable cotton. Oshibori Concept participates in the collective effort and pay the ecological tax.
In addition, using an Oshibori contributes to save one of the precious resources of our planet : water.  The Oshibori allows you to use only 25ml of water against 1.5l at the tap.

Fragrances : White Tea, Green Tea or Orange blossom

The delicacy of a hatbox filled with 20 oshibori and a scented candle - Made in France 🇫🇷
A box of 10 scented oshibori - Made in France 🇫🇷
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