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The shifts occurring in the hospitality sector are closely tied to changing perceptions and consumption patterns within the industry. In an era where operational efficiency is merging with environmental concerns, it's vital to address new demands effectively.

adm360 has partnered with our production facilities to develop a system that offers cost reduction, unparalleled eco-sustainability, innovative brand offerings, and improved safety and hygiene. This dispenser system has emerged as the premier solution in the hotel and hospitality sector, offering numerous advantages.

First and foremost, it delivers on its promise of cost-efficiency, significantly reducing operational costs compared to traditional single-use toiletries. Additionally, it prioritizes environmental sustainability by minimizing plastic waste, aligning with the growing commitment to eco-friendly practices. Moreover, the system enhances convenience for both guests and housekeeping staff, ensuring easy access and streamlined restocking. 

 Customization is another significant advantage, enabling hotels to offer a range of high-quality products tailored to guest preferences. This flexibility extends to enhancing the guest experience, creating a sophisticated atmosphere with stylish and secure dispensers that prioritize safety and hygiene while minimizing theft and waste.

Beyond their practical benefits, dispenser systems also bolster a hotel's brand image and marketing efforts, particularly in promoting eco-friendly initiatives, and aid hotels in adhering to regional regulations on single-use plastics.

Today, dispenser systems are indispensable and available in various forms and features. adm360 aims to provide a versatile and customizable catalog, ensuring you receive the best that the dispenser system has to offer.



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The wall-mounted Floating Dispensers feature a distinctive click-in bracket and a magnetic fork key, facilitating effortless installation and bottle removal.

They come in three design variations, each accommodating 12.85fl oz (380mL) non-refillable bottles, complete with tamper-resistant pump tops.

Key features

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Thanks to the dispenser system, hotels are reducing the global consumption of disposable plastic.

A 380ml dispenser is equivalent to 12 small bottles of liquid product.

By offering this type of format to their guests, hotels are choosing a more sustainable approach for their hospitality and contributing to a zero plastic future.

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Dispenser systems can significantly reduce your operational costs associated with supplying individual toiletries.

Traditional single-use toiletries, such as shampoo and
soap bottles, can be expensive to purchase, store, and replace. Dispenser systems use bulk supplies, which are often more cost-effective in the long run.

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 Finally, they're user-friendly and convenient for both guests and housekeeping staff. Guests can easily access the desired amount of product without having to struggle with the opening  of multiple small bottles.

Housekeeping staff spend less time restocking rooms with individual toiletries. Plus they're sealed and tamper-resistant, which helps ensure product safety and hygiene

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