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Le Feu is a Danish company that was established in 2017.

Iconic Danish design, flexibility and environmental approach have given the bio fireplaces from Le Feu an overwhelmingly positive reception in the market, and today are currently sold in 17 countries worldwide. The story of Le Feu is based on true passion and years of experience, resulting in the creation of an innovative and relevant product for today’s market. For generations, Le Feu has worked with fireplaces and wood stoves in defining the fireplaces as the heart and gathering place in Danish homes.

Every home deserves a warm heart'- a natural gathering place for cosiness and an inviting atmosphere. The dancing flames capture the gaze, letting you appreciate the beautiful shape and form of the Le Feu bio fireplace.
Every home is unique and Le Feu's simple design and construction allows anyone to install the magic in their own home in just a few minutes.

Visit Le Feu's website by scanning the QR code

Bioethanol fireplaces, also known as ethanol fireplaces, are a revolutionary addition to modern interior design. These innovative fireplaces are gaining popularity for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they provide a clean and eco-friendly source of heat and ambiance, as bioethanol is a renewable energy source derived from plants. This means there are no harmful emissions, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

Additionally, bioethanol fireplaces offer incredible versatility in terms of installation. They can be easily placed in various settings, whether it's a living room, bedroom, or even an outdoor patio, without the need for a chimney or complex ventilation systems. This adaptability allows homeowners to enjoy the warmth and aesthetic appeal of a real flame virtually anywhere.

Moreover, these fireplaces are incredibly low-maintenance. They don't produce ash, soot, or smoke, reducing the need for extensive cleaning and maintenance. The simple and elegant design of bioethanol fireplaces complements any interior, adding a touch of sophistication and coziness to your space.


The concept

The collection


Ground High


The Ground High bioethanol tripod fireplace is an excellent choice for those looking to combine style and eco-friendly heating.


Its elegant design and the option to choose from different wooden leg finishes provide a unique and customized heating solution for your home. 


Ground Low


This fireplace is a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for those seeking a modern and adaptable heating solution.


Its portability, adaptability, and clean-burning properties make it an attractive option for a range of indoor and outdoor settings.


Ground High/Low Steel


The Le Feu GROUND STEEL biofuel fireplace offers a combination of style and efficiency, making it a practical and visually appealing choice for enhancing the ambiance and comfort of your living area. 


Wall Mounted

The Le Feu WALL Bio fireplace offers a space-saving, stylish, and customizable heating solution for your living environment. Its wall-mounted design and adjustable placement provide flexibility in positioning the fireplace to your preference. 


Sky Mounted

The Le Feu SKY bioethanol fireplace is a stunning and eco-friendly heating solution that adds elegance, warmth, and beauty to your home and living areas.

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