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Number 1 Bath & Shower Brand  Worldwide, in US, India, Brazil, China,  Japan, Canada, UK, Italy,  Mexico,  and Germany.

Introduced in 1957, Dove provided tailored and high-quality products across 137 countries. Loved by men and women, Dove is the promise of the best ingredients that give to all beauties the results they deserve. 
Engaged for body confidence and natural beauty, Dove is also committed to our future and a sustainable approach of beauty. 

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For Dove, care means providing products that are  kind to your body and skin – that’s why we work  hard to maintain the quality and safety of all Dove products.

The brand work in synergy with medical experts : the Dove Medical  Program, present in 54 countries and reaches  half of the world’s global dermatologist population. 

Today they  champion Dove because a long-term  commitment. The result is a No. 1 placement as one of the most recommended brand for body wash,  bars, antiperspirants and deodorants by dermatologist in the US. 

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Bath amenities collection 

Brand features

Why Choosing Dove 

An iconic, inclusive, family-friendly, and above all, intergenerational brand, Dove is the promise of absolute moisturizing care for all your guests. With its as pure and organic as possible composition, Dove offers all the advantages of a skincare routine that is gentle on all skin types, without harsh agents or fragrances. With a commitment to always delivering delicate and minimalist design, the Dove bath amenities range will seamlessly fit into any bathroom, bringing a sense of lightness and softness.

Fragrance : Sweet cream & Refreshing Cucumber

A gourmet natural blend with airy flavors that leaves a fragrant and delicate balm on the skin.

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